You People Entertainment is a multi-faceted, multi-genre, independent music publishing and entertainment company focusing exclusively on the development of talented producers, songwriters and artists. Based in Los Angeles, with a worldwide reach, our team strives to facilitate the success of artists, producers and songwriters in the ever-evolving music industry.

We are a different type of music company. And, we’re proud to represent the best songwriters, producers and artists around. At the same time, we have the attention to detail and flexibility of a small boutique publishing company, with music to match every need, deadline or budget.

Managed by a team of musically savvy executives, and artistically fed by some of the most talented and hard working musical experts around, we work tirelessly to connect music with people whether via television, movies, video games, merchandise or many other outlets for music in the modern world. Our team of music specialists creates long-term relationships with businesses, brands and clients, ensuring that we provide them with the songs that will best allow them to achieve their end goals. Our expansive catalog of music has been used in a myriad of outlets including but not limited to feature films, television, commercial released albums, advertising and video games.

We are experts in the musical field and are passionate about the work we do. You People Entertainment has both the physical space (a full, state of the art, facility in Los Angeles) as well as the creative acumen to deliver top songwriters, producers and artists to their artistic peak. Our ultimate goal is to provide a home for our songwriters, producers and artists to create hits and to let the world hear their talent.

Big Billy Clark

With seventeen years experience in the music business as an executive at some of the most prestigious major record labels in the world, Big Billy Clark has worked in a myriad of areas of the business including A&R, touring, artist development as well as at the executive level. Starting out his career at Def Jam Recordings in 1994, Clark eventually ventured on to become a tour manager for such acts as Hoobastank and Christina Milian before he spent time at Atlantic and Sony as an A&R. Clark eventually moved on work with Arketekt and The Writing Camp. For his ability to work in a number of facets in the entertainment industry, Clark has continued to be in high demand. Currently, Clark is president at You People Entertainment.

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Peter Simon

Peter Simon started his career as a musician fronting the band PEOPLE. After working with producer Dave Jerden and engineer Bryan Carlstrom (Alice in Chains and Jane's Addiction), Peter started recording and writing for other indie rock acts and over the course of 4 years (from 2008-2012), he opened up Gollywood Studios in the Hollywood Hills. While working at Gollywood Studios, Simons started working with San Diego rock act The Hampton Beats. In time, Gollywood Studios was relocated to Burbank where Simons linked up with Big Billy Clark to form You People Entertainment. You People is a hybrid publishing company that facilitates producers, top line writers and artists with state of the art recording studios staffed with engineers available to them 24 hours a day.

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